Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions

Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions (SCJS) is a public sector operator, supporting and delivering criminal justice processes on behalf of and under the control of the UK Home Office and Ministry of Justice. SCJS seek to build sustainable partnerships at both national and international levels between public administrations with a particular focus upon the judiciary, court processes, prosecutors, police and other law enforcement bodies. In effect, delivering capacity building initiatives, including transnational and bilateral criminal justice projects on behalf of UK Government.

The objectives of SCJS are to:

  • build sustainable partnerships between public administrations with a particular focus upon the judiciary, court processes, prosecutors, police and other law enforcement organisations
  • improve the safety of citizens and communities by delivering projects that support victims and witnesses of crime and thereby strengthening the Rule of Law.

Adopting a global approach to the criminal justice arena, SCJS performs as an “in country facilitator” taking into account the cultural, political, social and environmental ethos, through activities such as:

  • Twinning Projects
  • Capacity Building Projects
  • Evaluation Research Projects
  • Workshops
  • Training Partnerships
  • Forensic Capability Development

The SCJS team is highly skilled and professional in delivering criminal justice and security projects, enjoying the contribution of prosecutors, lawyers, academics, forensic science experts, project managers and recently retired police chief superintendents and detective superintendents.  As well as these specialist skills, SCJS has carefully selected personnel to manage and deliver their finance, HR and IT requirements.

Individuals in the team have worked extensively across the European Union, the Western Balkans, the Caribbean, South Africa, Nigeria, USA, United Arab Emirates, China and Turkey. This has enabled effective partnerships to be created and currently SCJS are leading or working on Government projects in partnerships with the following States: Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, The Netherlands, Croatia, Nigeria, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, St. Lucia and Slovenia.

The ability to draw upon a wide range of criminal justice, legal and police experts is one of SCJS’s biggest assets.  In addition to a core staff of around 25 people, the organisation has access to hundreds of UK current experts, some based overseas.  It can also draw on more than 70 criminal justice specialists throughout the EU, many of whom are also available for short term deployment.

SCJS has a proven ability to deliver successful outcomes and is engaging in identifying and applying for EU and international projects.


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