Training Scope
Training carried out in the Central Reference Laboratory (CRL) of Almaty, Kazakhstan

The training “Molecular diagnosis of EDPs by Real-Time PCR in samples processed using a Flexible Film Isolator (FFI)”, took place April 18 to 20, 2018 in the CRL, Almaty, Kazakhstan

The three days training was a follow up of the successful “train the trainers” seminars carried out by Project 53 during the last year, in which EU team of  experts would train the persons in charge of carrying out trainings in their respective countries. Project 53 is implemented by the International Science and Technology Centre (ISTC) as part of the EU CBRN Centers of Excellence initiative, financed by the European Union.


This training was independently organized and conducted by the new Central Reference Laboratory for specialists and scientific staff. In total 6 participants were trained: two representatives from each Department of the respective Ministries: Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MOES). The training focused on proper handling and receiving of biological samples suspect of contaminated by EDPs, processing and molecular diagnostics of said samples.

Two EU specialists participated in this training: Dr Logue Christopher (Public Health England) and Dr Ingmar Janse (National Institute of Public Health and Environment, Netherlands), with the support of additional local trainers Prof Andrey Dmitrovskiy (KazNMU&NCB (CRL, MOES RK), Dr Andrey Kuznetsov (KSCQZD (MOH RK), Dr Nurkeldy Turebekov (KSCQZD&NCB (MOH & MOES RK)) and Dr Karlygash Abdiyeva (KSCQZD&NCB (MOH & MOES RK)).