Training Scope
Project 53 Biosafety & Biosecurity training provided to students, Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

In accordance with the purposes and objectives of the EU funded CBRN CoE Project 53 and as a consequence and continuation of Train-the-Trainer workshop that was provided to Kazakh experts on 2 – 6 October 2017, newly trained trainers from the Kazakh National Medical University, Prof. Andrey Dmitrovskiy, Prof. Ravilya Yegemberdiyeva and Prof. Lyazzat Yeraliyeva conducted Biosafety&security trainings for 3 groups of 5th year students of the specialty General medicine (19 students) within course on infectious diseases.

Students attended classroom presentations on clinical Biosafety, Biosafety for work with infectious patients and patients with extremely dangerous infectious diseases, and sample collection. They also received practical training on the use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), spill accident contingency and disposal of biological waste. Students were pre- and post-training tested to establish the effectiveness of their understanding of Biosafety & security issues. As part of the training program a discussion was conducted on the importance of Biosafety in different fields of medicine.

The implementation of this training course confirmed the need for a Biosafety & security course and addition of Biosafety & security elements in the related course work inclusion in the formal educational program of students. As result, the Kazakh National Medical University is planning to  , adjust the training program accordingly for the next academic year.