Training Scope
Project 53 activities included in the proceedings of the International Symposium "Astana Biotech 2018"

The abstract titled "Experience of BS&S experts´ training in the framework of the Project 53" was presented on the 12-13 of June 2018 during the International Symposium Astana Biotech 2018.


It describes the successful activities carried out by Project 53 in the field of biosafety and biosecurity (BS&S) in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Project 53 is funded by the European Union's CBRN Centres of Excellence Initiative, and is implemented in Central Asia by the International Science and Technology Centre (ISTC). The abstract was authored by Prof. Andrey Dmitrovskiy (Kazakh National Medical University& National Center for Botechnology, Almaty branch), Prof. Lyazzat Yeraliyeva (Kazakh National Medical University), Prof. Ravilya Yegemberdiyeva, (Kazakh National Medical University) Prof. Seidigapbar Mamadaliyev (National Center for Botechnology, Almaty branch) Prof. Farida Iskakova, (Kazakh National Medical University), Dr Elena Pak (Company "Almaz Medikal Group") from Kazakh National Medical University, National Center for Biotechnology in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Kazakhstan joined Project 53 in 2017. A needs assessment for training in agencies and laboratories was carried out and subsequently several "train the trainers" courses were implemented, in which 14 Kazakh and 12 Uzbek trainers were instructed from 7 universities (4 medical, 2 biological, 1 agricultural – veterinary), 4 national centers (2 medical, 1 biological, 1 veterinary) and the Uralsk Anti Plague station.


As result of the provided training and other activities under P53, 6 BS&S training centers have been formed in Kazakhstan – in Almaty, Astana, Karaganda, Semipalatinsk, Shymkent and Uralsk.


Currently, several BS&S working programs are under development in universities for their further inclusion in the compulsory curriculum of medical, veterinary and biological training of students of the next academic year. A total of 130 students have already received training at the Kazakh National Medical University, National Center of Expertise, the Uralsk Anti Plague station and at the Shymkent Region Infectious Hospital.


Future activities to be conducted in the framework of Project 53 in 2018 include fifteen different workshops that address various BS&S issued, which will be carried out by Kazakh trainers and supported by EU Team of Experts and the International Science and Technology Center (lead implementer of Project 53).