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Press release – Publication of CAP-CIMIC Report – 19 September 2018

The EU CBRN CoE Project 53 Consortium is pleased to release its report on Emergency Response Planning in Central Asia: Common Challenges and Opportunities for Cooperation.

The report analyses the national and transnational emergency intervention schemes focusing on biological events, which incorporate the modi operandi of Common Alert Protocol (CAP) and Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) for the Project 53 partner countries Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It´s results are based on a desk study using publicly available data, which was later consolidated with the partner countries' institutions feedback.

The report identifies key requirements and best practices from guidance documents on the CAP and CIMIC, summarises the policies and procedures of the partner countries in relation to emergency responses, focusing on national legislation and institutions, and ultimately highlights regional initiatives, common challenges and opportunities for cooperation in emergency response planning in Central Asia. Based on the premise that transversal aspects of biological incidents call for the interaction between emergency response, public health and security or defence sectors, the report suggests to foster that interaction through legal and regulatory framework to ensure civil and military cooperation, effective risk assessments and integrated alert protocols.

The report is currently available in English (click to see the report).