Training Scope
CBRN COE Project 53: Biosafety and Biosecurity Train the Trainers Course takes place in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

October 16th to 20th

Dushanbe, Tajikistan


The third Project 53 “Biosafety & Biosecurity: Train the Trainer Course” has been delivered in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. This third of six, week-long training courses in Central Asia was the first of two to be hosted at the Regional Tajikistan and Afghanistan Biosafety Training Centre.

Prof. Christopher H. Logue from Public Health England (PHE) led the training, supported by fellow Biosafety and Biosecurity experts from PHE and RIVM. The team were assisted by experts from a local biosafety training team.

The hands-on training programme consisted of a three-day biosafety and biosecurity input and a subsequent two day train the trainer (TTT) course.  Prof Logue emphasised that “the course has a two-part certification process; part 1 is for completion of these 37 hours of hands-on biosafety and biosecurity training. Part 2 of the certification process is equally important and will be granted once each participant has adapted this knowledge and training material to their own settings”. He continued “this will be evidenced through the delivery of course material to participants at their respective institutions within the coming 6 months”.

Each participant received a biosafety toolkit (pictured above left), funded by Project 53 after being specially developed by the Novel and Dangerous Pathogens training group at PHE. The delegates will now apply the knowledge gained through this course and will deliver training sessions at their own institutions, in order to contribute to greater biosafety and biosecurity throughout Tajikistan.

These training courses have been made possible through funding by the European Union DG DEVCO